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What we are working on: 10/26/17

Video update:

Programming:Working on combining the first person archery scene and the tower defense sceneEnemy wave testing Changing to SteamVR interaction systemBug work of course Design:We are exploring taking the game in a bit more a toy direction. What this means: Having only one basic tower model that can be placed and have toys placed on top to change the function of the tower. (Example: Place a basic tower. Add a spaceman toy on top. The tower now reskins to look like space'esque and the spaceman shoots lazers at enemies.)We also updated our loops to reflect changes we made to the game.
Goblin modelTexture painting completeRepolying completeClothing complete
Tower models

Room layout

 Board layout

What we are working on: 10/17/17

Video update:
Tower placement workingThe Lab first person archery mock up madeArchery Tower shoots and causes damage1st enemy class moves down specified path and takes damage from arrows
Tower models createdArchery Level 1Bomb Level 1Wizard Level 1

Design: Initial waves laid out
Concept statement
Interactions mapped outTower Powers created

What we are working on: 10/11/17

What we are working on...Programming:
Tower placement up and workingZooming in to first person refined

1st enemy goblin model is almost completeTower sketches are done and ready to be modeled in 3DLevel 1 weapons currently in model pipeline

Finished gathering references Reference Art!

 Taking reference from Heroscape. Board size reference from Castle Must Be Mine. . Andy's Room, room size reference. How we want the enemies to move. Player pedestal example. Toy art reference. First person examples Tower upgrade example Design:
Working on excel doc more to balance gameplayDesigning ui/uxMain story bookPause menu book The very first sketch of the game. 8/10/17

Who are we?

A little introduction, my name is Devin Good and I am a junior at Indiana University. I am studying game design with an emphasis in art and design. I have taken the role as lead designer and project manager for Towerscape. I hope to see this game reach the market of gamers who love tower defense games but want a little more interaction with a physical board.

My name is Julian Povinelli, and I'm a senior artist in the Game Design program at IU. I'm a League of legends fanatic, a mediocre bass player, and I recently have begun trying to teach myself how to skateboard! I will be doing a large chunk of the concepting and 3D asset creation for this project, and I am really look forward to this project as an opportunity to sharpen my skills.

I'm Hunter Bobeck, a junior in Computer Science and Game Design at Indiana University. I've been fascinated with 1st and 3rd person hybrid games ever since I first played Battlezone: Combat Commander. As a programmer specializing in VR exp…

What we are working on: 10/5/17

What we are working on...Programming:
Scaling issues going from the table scale to the tower scalePhysics delayLighting issues

Design: Creating asset lists and balancing characters before implementation Narrative ideas and new game namesCompetitive market research
Art: Putting together our art reference guideCreation of test art assets to find our unique art style Goblin Test by Julian Povinelli 10/17

Developing Kick Off

Welcome one and all to the developer blog for Towerscape!
Towerscape is a VR tower defense game that allows the player to step into a state of childlike play to place towers, commandeer them, and use their unique powers to influence the toy sized battlefield. 

Hi everyone! My name is Devin Good and I am the lead designer on Towerscape. I lead a swashbuckling team of developers at Indiana University.

We share a common goal of creating a fun and immersive VR tower defense game. We will be publishing updates weekly/monthly on our development progress. Check in on us often as we sprint to our Shark Tank in December and proceed to a year-long development cycle as we publish on Steam and continue to update the game from there.

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