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Who are we?

A little introduction, my name is Devin Good and I am a junior at Indiana University. I am studying game design with an emphasis in art and design. I have taken the role as lead designer and project manager for Towerscape. I hope to see this game reach the market of gamers who love tower defense games but want a little more interaction with a physical board.

My name is Julian Povinelli, and I'm a senior artist in the Game Design program at IU. I'm a League of legends fanatic, a mediocre bass player, and I recently have begun trying to teach myself how to skateboard! I will be doing a large chunk of the concepting and 3D asset creation for this project, and I am really look forward to this project as an opportunity to sharpen my skills.

I'm Hunter Bobeck, a junior in Computer Science and Game Design at Indiana University. I've been fascinated with 1st and 3rd person hybrid games ever since I first played Battlezone: Combat Commander. As a programmer specializing in VR experiences, I want to put my skills to the test in developing new mechanics that have never been tried before.

Hi my name is Alex Bowling and I'm a senior studying Game Design at Indiana University with minors in Computer Science and Dutch. I have wanted to create games since I was 6 years old and am thrilled to be a part of this project. I specialize in programming gameplay and am sharpening my skills in many other areas including AI, input, and creating tools for designers to use within the engine.