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What we are working on: 1/18/2018

What we are working on...Programming and Art:

Unidentified Flying Features

Improved window material to be less invisiblePut a King Exposition (good king character) model in as a placeholder for the enemy kingpin figure, sitting on the windowsill looking over the table opposite the player's perspectiveAdded a clock (above the desk) with the Chaotic Good symbol and hands of the Towerscape color theme – this should be able to be animated laterAdded a Pin Art Display with the Chaotic Good symbol on the desk to add more neat things to look atAdded plastic bricks on the desk, which may be snappable together laterImplemented UFO toy model with a metallic material – not functional as a unit yet but one is present flying around and another present hovering above the desk, both for visual demonstration
Design: Decided on the enemy kingpin figure being an old rejected toy of the player's who wants to use your other toys to make himself better, so that he can be your favorite toy again and y…

What we are working on: 1/17/2018

What we are working on... Programming:
Towers Box to dispense towersTower cost restrictions and refund (by throwing off the table) is functionalTemporary-solution labels displayed for these interactions with towers, to indicate the values involved for purchasing, repositioning, and refundingA calculator on the windowsill displays the current amount of gold coins in piggybankLamps can be toggled on and offGreedy Goblins dodge grab attempts and incoming arrow shotsEnemies are destroyed upon being thrown off the table (not killed – they are not supposed to drop any items when dispatched this way)Quadratic curve implemented for shrinking (unshrinking is still using smootherstep). This makes it less jarring, even smoother than smootherstep; it was found that the acceleration of smootherstep going in was more uncomfortable than a steady speed that is achieved by quadratic – this is due to the quadratic curve better imitating the relativity between larger 3D space and smaller 3D space to res…