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What we are working on: 1/17/2018

What we are working on...

  • Towers Box to dispense towers
  • Tower cost restrictions and refund (by throwing off the table) is functional
  • Temporary-solution labels displayed for these interactions with towers, to indicate the values involved for purchasing, repositioning, and refunding
  • A calculator on the windowsill displays the current amount of gold coins in piggybank
  • Lamps can be toggled on and off
  • Greedy Goblins dodge grab attempts and incoming arrow shots
  • Enemies are destroyed upon being thrown off the table (not killed – they are not supposed to drop any items when dispatched this way)
  • Quadratic curve implemented for shrinking (unshrinking is still using smootherstep). This makes it less jarring, even smoother than smootherstep; it was found that the acceleration of smootherstep going in was more uncomfortable than a steady speed that is achieved by quadratic – this is due to the quadratic curve better imitating the relativity between larger 3D space and smaller 3D space to result in a steady change over time.
  • In addition to what is shown in the video, there have been numerous bug fixes, polishes, and refactoring improvements. This is primarily for transitioning out of a prototype. For example, all of the collision layers have been remade. The tower scripts have been modularized. The plugins (such as Virtuality Controls) have been updated. And more!
  • Beginning to prototype bed/storybook interaction (explained below)
  • Some enemy kingpin figure, perhaps an army man general, has gotten so into character that they have enlisted your toys in a battle against you; in a fall from grace scenario, the player must recover their toy sets one by one by fighting for them – but they still get to start with their tower pieces for the first chapter
  • Vertical Slice planned to have multiple toy sets introduced in different chapters
  • Chapters are initiated from interacting with different pages in a storybook
  • Each chapter has a limited time to complete a unique objective (defend, recover a stolen toy piece, feed a dragon with enough goblins to enlist the toy dragon to your side)
  • Upon the time limit being reached, the player hears their mom call them from outside the room, saying it's time for bed, and the toys become unanimated, some falling over.
  • The player then either receives the reward for the chapter being successful or otherwise does not get any reward because they were unsuccessful.
  • The player can start the next chapter (or a previous one they want to try again) by taking the story book, selecting a chapter to play, then interacting with the bed to fall asleep, after which they see a fade to black and wake up the next day to start the chapter which will be laid out on the table overnight.
  • More room assets have been put in
  • The scene is much better lit with windows and now everything has normal maps
  • Towers box art – this serves as a realistic toy box to take towers out of, and it also displays the cost for each tower on it
  • New toy models underway