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Behind the Scenes: Context Changing in Towerscape

Hunter Bobeck | Gameplay Programmer

In order to take advantage of the first-person perspective VR provides, Towerscape allows players to shrink down to toy-size and commandeer towers themselves, using the power of their imagination. In this post, I will be discussing the design pattern and programming methodology behind the mechanic.

The Interaction
Since Towerscape is played in room-scale VR, we have the ability to adjust the player’s relative scale to the game world. Shrinking the player in the game results in the player feeling smaller, even though their scale hasn’t changed in real life.
The act of shrinking down is begun via a controller interaction with the chosen tower. Controllers are tracked within the room-scale VR space, so to choose the tower to commandeer, the player physically moves the controller to be in contact with the virtual tower. Then they only have to press the appropriate button to initiate the interaction.
Not all towers can be commandeered by the player. Player To…