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What we are working on: 1/18/2018

What we are working on...

Programming and Art:

Unidentified Flying Features

  • Improved window material to be less invisible
  • Put a King Exposition (good king character) model in as a placeholder for the enemy kingpin figure, sitting on the windowsill looking over the table opposite the player's perspective
  • Added a clock (above the desk) with the Chaotic Good symbol and hands of the Towerscape color theme – this should be able to be animated later
  • Added a Pin Art Display with the Chaotic Good symbol on the desk to add more neat things to look at
  • Added plastic bricks on the desk, which may be snappable together later
  • Implemented UFO toy model with a metallic material – not functional as a unit yet but one is present flying around and another present hovering above the desk, both for visual demonstration

  • Decided on the enemy kingpin figure being an old rejected toy of the player's who wants to use your other toys to make himself better, so that he can be your favorite toy again and you actually play with him
  • For the first chapter, the goblins will be intent on taking apart your castle to build their own, by lugging away wall sections one by one, above their heads, held up together – the placeholder crystals will be done away with; for later chapters, there may be a different goal, such as to take the arms off your king character up in your castle to supply their leader with better toy arms; later, with other sets, the enemy toys will have different objectives again, for example the UFOs will be abducting villager toys that you have to watch out for, guarding the skies from your tower and with whatever goblin toys you have reclaimed after completing the first chapter set.