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What we are working on: 10/26/17

Video update:

  • Working on combining the first person archery scene and the tower defense scene
  • Enemy wave testing 
  • Changing to SteamVR interaction system
  • Bug work of course

  • We are exploring taking the game in a bit more a toy direction. What this means: Having only one basic tower model that can be placed and have toys placed on top to change the function of the tower. (Example: Place a basic tower. Add a spaceman toy on top. The tower now reskins to look like space'esque and the spaceman shoots lazers at enemies.)
  • We also updated our loops to reflect changes we made to the game.

  • Goblin model
    • Texture painting complete
    • Repolying complete
    • Clothing complete

  • Tower models

  • Room layout

  •  Board layout