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What we are working on: 10/11/17

What we are working on...

  • Tower placement up and working
  • Zooming in to first person refined

  • 1st enemy goblin model is almost complete
  • Tower sketches are done and ready to be modeled in 3D
  • Level 1 weapons currently in model pipeline

  • Finished gathering references
Reference Art!

 Taking reference from Heroscape.
Board size reference from Castle Must Be Mine.
Andy's Room, room size reference.
How we want the enemies to move.
Player pedestal example.
Toy art reference.
First person examples
Tower upgrade example

  • Working on excel doc more to balance gameplay
  • Designing ui/ux
    • Main story book
    • Pause menu book
The very first sketch of the game. 8/10/17
Core loops are fun, right...