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What we are working on: 2/7/2018

What we are working on...

  • Toy unit designs and environment sketches continue!
  • We are playing with a name change to 'Imaginarium' to highlight the unique magic of your toys coming to life, and not just inert towers, but toys of all imaginations (towers, goblins, bricks, action figures, spacemen, etc.).


Chapter Switching and the Room

  • setup preliminary tilesets and units for the 3 Greedy Goblins chapters and the first Abducting Aliens and Plundering Pirates chapters
  • bedtime announcement audio when chapter ends
  • sky changes to darker evening sky when chapter ends
  • fixed holes in the windows
  • added window screens
  • implemented Greedy Goblin Goons and Greedy Goblin Thieves boxes as whirligigs
  • added die whirligig